Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Home After Renovating

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Whether it’s adding improvements to your kitchen or re-imagining your living room, renovations can revive your home and give you a new appreciation for the place. However, major repairs can be a stressful undertaking as in addition to dealing with strangers in your house, you also have to put up with dust and debris. Dust from the project can settle throughout the house, including the nooks and corners of your home.

To ensure that all of the dirt and rubble is effectively cleared and your home is in perfect condition, you must know how to clean-up during and post the project. Unfortunately, if this is your first renovation, you may be unsure of where to start, and proceeding without sufficient knowledge may lead you to make mistakes that require more time, effort, and money. In an attempt to help you adequately prepare for your renovation clean-up and avoid missteps, ACL General Contractor INC has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning their home after renovating.

1. Assuming post-renovation clean-up is easy

One common mistake is that most homeowners think the cleaning job post-renovation will be easy, so they leave it at the end of the project. Anyone who has ever been involved in renovation knows that cleaning is not a simple feat. Therefore, it’s best to keep up with daily clean-ups to reduce the amount of debris and dirt spreading throughout the house.

2. Cleaning the house by yourself

If you think that post-renovation dust and debris is just regular dirt, then you’re sadly mistaken. You will find that the cleaning task can be overwhelming and frustrating. Moreover, you might be ill-equipped for the job with your everyday cleaning tools. Therefore it’s best to leave this job to a professional cleaning company who will tidy up your home in no time.

3. Lack of proper cleaning supplies

If you’re adamant about cleaning your home on your own, then you need to equip yourself with a protective mask, gloves, enough garbage bags, packs of cleaning cloth, the right cleaning tools, and a good amount of disinfection and cleaning products. Remember that post-renovation clean-ups can be pretty demanding, so think about investing in reliable cleaning tools to clean your home efficiently.

4. Not understanding the disinfecting process

After you clean out the dust and dirt, make sure you wipe down everything in your renovated space. Somehow bacteria and other harmful germs can sneak into every nook and cranny of the space you’ve renovated. So, ensure that every surface is moped and disinfected from wall to wall.

5. Neglecting junk disposal obligations

For a post-renovation cleaning, make sure you have the right bin or dumpster to take out the trash. Renovation dust and debris need to be discarded the right way. So make sure to find a local junk removal company to dispose of the waste safely and ethically.

6. Using dirty cloths

Make sure you don’t use dirty cloths and materials to clean up the place, for you may as well not even bother cleaning at all. Soiled clothes or sponges won’t do you any favors, as they will just spread grease and grime around surfaces rather than removing them.

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