Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Cleaning Company

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Using the services of a commercial cleaner amidst a pandemic is wise since a spotless place reduces the chances of getting sick. Cleaning was always handled by most commercial establishments since there is a requirement to make sure establishments and premises are kept clean. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses and companies had to be more thorough when handling their cleaning processes, to prevent the virus from spreading.

A lot of the rules around companies and businesses were changing. At the start of the pandemic, the Government implemented rules stating that workplaces, including offices and commercial buildings, had to shut and people should be working remotely to reduce the spread. As offices, buildings, and homes were seeing new people and dealing with their clientele since most there was no choice, they had to be safe about the virus, and reduce the number of people meeting in person.

Meeting and board rooms were seeing a lot fewer people now than they were in the past. Small offices had to start spacing people out to fit more people in the office, and they shut common areas. The office coordinated well-scheduled appointments, so they were sure they did not have people waiting in the waiting rooms in between meetings. Additionally, places were cleaned and sanitized to reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

People visiting the office made sure they coordinated proper appointments post sanitizing the office after the last meeting. However, picking a cleaning company can be quite challenging with a lot to consider. To make your search easier, here is a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a cleaning company.

1. Insurance
The cleaners should provide some insurance when they are getting through the process. If any issues are not accounted for, they should ensure and guarantee to sort them out later, and usually within the same cost. If they said they would clean a specific room or work on one aspect of the office, and did not handle it efficiently, they should get it done.

2. License and paperwork
When working on commercial establishments, it is a requirement that the company that is cleaning the place is reputed. People who are visiting the office or the premises are usually interested in the team's reputation. The information is quite relevant since it guarantees that the premises are clean and safe. 

3. Reviews or customers ratings
Always go through their past work before assuming that they would do a good job. While some cleaning services provide a good portfolio, the people working with them have to provide correct and relevant information. The best way to find this information is by talking to people who worked with them in the past. Most of these cleaning companies have a website, linked to testimonials, and in some cases, they provide star ratings. Go through a couple of options and read up before settling on one of the options.

4. Referral program
Many cleaning companies work with a referral program, where they suggest customers provide information about the experience to others to make the process smoother. One of the best parts of the process allows the company to receive honest feedback and make changes accordingly. Additionally, other companies provide incentives and discounts based on the people that got in touch.

5. Good customer service
At the end of the experience, other than getting a good job done, most companies and the people coordinating with the team would want to have a good relationship with the people handling the process. Furthermore, in most cases, they notice that they would be working with the team over a long time since cleaning is a recurring task, so they have to make sure that their clients are kind and polite when dealing with their customers.

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